“Space for Change”

The new iconic building for the public library and citizens services of Aarhus, Dokk1 opened to the public in June 2015. Situated on the site where Aarhus had its origins, at the mouth of the river where the city meets the sea, Dokk1 has been designed to redefine the relationship between the city and the harbour. The library is part of a master plan to inject new life into what was formerly an industrial harbour, visually and practically linking the historic city centre with the harbour areas closest to the city.

The book is a visual cruise round Dokk1, with a glimpse into the machine room to meet all those who have contributed, each in their own way, to the vision of a new, vibrant waterfront milieu in Aarhus. They all share with us their wisdom and experience, providing, we hope, a deeper insight into the process and inspiration to other similar projects.

“Space for Change” is the result of a collaboration between the visionary people from the library, the architectural practice which designed the building schmidt hammer lassen architects and the large Danish foundations Realdania and Realdania Byg. The editorial board consists of Rolf Hapel, Knud Schulz, Marie Østergård, Kim Holst Jensen and Ida Relsted Kærup.

The book is for the large part a visual story of the conception of Dokk1 — as a library, as a meeting place and as what may very well become a place maker for the city of Aarhus.  The photos by the internationally acclaimed architectural photographer Adam Mørk provide an almost dreamy sense of love for the place; both as a moderne piece of architecture and as a library full of life. The book design is by Stine Sandahl.

The preface is written by the Mayor of Aarhus, Jacob Bundsgaard and the Managing Director of Realdania, Jesper Nygård. 34 experts in the field of architecture, city development, library development and education provide their unique voice on the library of the future and Dokk1.

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