This is Ida Relsted

Ida Relsted is an independent editor and project manager focussing on creative processes.

With more than 10 years´ experience as a storyteller – as an editor, lecturer, speaker, writer and project manager – Ida Relsted has an eye for both the larger perspective and the details that count. From coining concepts to ensuring that the quality of communication is crisp both in the written word and the visual story.

Most recently, Ida Relsted has authored and edited an ambitious architectural book on the largest cultural project in Denmark since the opening of the Copenhagen Opera: The award-winning new main library in Aarhus, Dokk1 (The Dock).

Ida Relsted holds a MA in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, and has worked and studied in China and the US.

She is based Aarhus in Aarhus, Denmark.

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Please contact me at:

Ida Relsted // editor, project manager and writer. Aarhus, Denmark. +45 51242568.