This is Ida Relsted

I am an independent editor, writer, concept developer, strategic advisor and design thinker focussing on creative processes.

With more than 15 years´ experience as a storyteller – as an editor, lecturer, speaker, writer and project manager – I have an eye for both the larger perspective and the details that count. From coining concepts to ensuring that the quality of communication is spot on.

Often, I work in the field of architecture and culture.

Most significantly, I have authored and edited an ambitious architectural book on the largest cultural project in Denmark since the opening of the Copenhagen Opera: The award-winning new main library in Aarhus, Dokk1 (The Dock).

I hold a MA in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, and have worked and studied in China and the US.

I am based at the creative office space LYNfabrikken in Vestergade in Aarhus, Denmark.

Further details on LinkedIn.

Please contact me at:

Ida Relsted // editor, writer and concept developer. LYNfabrikken, Vestergade 49b, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark. +45 51242568.