Creative processes

IMG_0631I am an independent editor, project manager and writer located in Aarhus, Denmark. My area of expertise is complex, creative processes and storytelling.


Telling stories of meaningful spaces

Currently, I am working on several book projects focussing on sharing knowledge on place making and city development through the design of meaningful spaces, or spaces of significance, as I like to call them: public libraries, theaters and urban development projects.


Design Management and Design Thinking

Along side my work as an independent editor, project manager and writer, I am up-grading my skills at KADK, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation in Copenhagen. Here, I have enrolled in a diploma level degree in ‘Design Management‘. Focus is on design processes, design thinking, user engagement, change management and theories of learning. Major influences are IDEO and INDEX, Design to Improve Life.

Design thinking is highly relevant in my field of work. Firstly, it is a method of analyzing why some processes of user engagement at public spaces tend to work quite well. This can be found in some of my architectural books and is meant to inspire city-developers, architects, and designers. Secondly, I facilitate design based processes during which clients get valuable insights and dialogue with users, employees or citizens.


Place-branding through visual storytelling

One of my side-projects is #MitBibliotek in which I work with conveying the atmosphere of a place through visual stories of beauty, pride and special moments of everyday life. Images below:



Ida Relsted // editor, project manager and writer. Aarhus, Denmark. +45 51242568.